If you are considering extending your home we can help to provide a full design service to turn your thoughts into reality (on paper at least!) and in Virtual Reality !


Now working remotely to avoid the need of attending the property we are happy to provide advice over the phone in the first instance to you about your project, free of charge


We have over 30 years in the construction industry that provides for a smooth transition from the first draft design proposals and submission to planning, to the more detailed drawing information for construction building regulation compliance.





Simply Stage 1+2

Following contact, we would discuss your requirements over the phone to establish how best we proceed to develop proposals for works you require, whether extension or alterations, etc.

Information is developed in 2 Stages as below:


Stage  1

All being well and your wanting to proceed based on the submitted quotation, we would initially require your providing photographs of the property to allow us to start to develop 'existing' status information. At the present time and with concern for Corona Virus we would require your assisting to provide some key measurements to input into the proposals.


Based on initial discussions we would use these plans to develop draft proposed plans and elevations for review. This would involve our review together online via shared screen software where we can amend the layout to suit discussions.


Information is modelled in 3d software that allows for internal & external views that provide a good indication of the proposal. For those that would prefer a greater level of appreciation, we can provide VR visualisation  panoramic renders that further allow for great visualisation of the new spaces being created.


Once the proposals are agreed, the information will be prepared for the planning application and with your acceptance, we will assist for free to submit the application online for  you (application fee not covered).


Stage  2 

Upon receipt of planning approval and your further instruction, we would develop the more detailed construction drawing information for Building Regulations. This will include dimensioned setting out plans, sections and relevant large scale details sufficient to build & accurately cost. This can often require the services of a Structural Engineer to confirm any steelwork calculations, size of foundations, joists/rafters, etc. This is a separate service and cost that can be arranged if required. 


These Stage 2 more detailed drawings will not only ensure and demonstrate building regulation compliance but also provide for obtaining of more robust costs from builders.


Refer to Building Regulations for further relevant information on costs.


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